Despite lack of climate legislation, businesses are embracing green energy and cleantech

There’s a terrific month-long series of articles being published in MIT Technology Review that I’d like to draw to your attention. It’s part of a section called “Business Impact,” in which the magazine picks a theme every month and then dedicates a story every day to that theme for the entire month. The theme in January is corporate energy strategies, and the series takes a look at what technologies and green energy sources corporations are embracing and why they’re choosing to embrace them.  I wrote the first overview piece to kick off the series, and since then there have been terrific articles covering everything from electric vehicles and green data centres to LED lighting and innovation around solar financing. At the end of the month MIT puts the entire series behind a paywall, but they make access available for free during the month it’s all being published, so I encourage you to check it out while you can. There is plenty of great insight.

I particularly enjoyed this story on energy-efficiency projects and ways to finance them, and this story on energy-efficient data centres.