If you are from BC and are planning to install solar panels in your home, below are some topics that answer the questions: How many PV (photovoltaic) panels will I need? What is the cost of home solar energy systems?

How many PV panels do you need?

The size of your power system will depend on the following: the amount of energy you utilize, your location, and your site specifics.

You can see the amount of energy you utilize in your monthly bill. Electricity and hydro retailers in BC provide a breakdown that will show your historical and average energy use, which is often shown using the unit kWh/day. Knowing the amount of energy you consume is a factor to consider when sizing your solar energy system.

Each region in BC has varying solar irradiance. 15kW of PV panels in one region may produce more energy compared to another region with the same type of solar panels.

What is the cost of home solar energy systems?

The price for a solar energy system for homes in BC is not fixed. The primary factor to consider is the amount of energy in kWh a home uses. The more a house uses energy, the more panels are required to support that amount.

An average home uses about 30kWh per day or 10,800kWh every year. A lot of factors will control how much a panel system will cost, such as your budget, roof area, pitch, azimuth, location, etc.

A 15kW panel system installed on one area can be less expensive compared to a 5kW system installed on separate roof parts. Moreover, if the roof has a metal roof and a 12:12 pitch, it can be more costly than ones on asphalt with a 4:12 pitch. Those are just a few examples of how factors can influence the cost.

Aside from the questions mentioned above, you must also consider solar energy grants in British Columbia.

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