The pandemic significantly changed the way people function. COVID-19 disrupted so many systems that it has pushed digitalization further. As people become more conscious of their impact, technology must be more effective in incorporating renewable and clean energy.

According to research by Stanford, in June 2020, about 42% of people from the U.S. were working from their homes. On the other hand, 33% were not working due to the recession caused by lockdowns. The shift involves making remote management possible and minimizing personal interactions. Because of that, there is a reduction of energy transmissions, and systems can reduce carbon footprints significantly.

Joe Biden Presidency


Now that the election of Joe Biden as president has been finalized, Biden made plans for tackling climate change. $400 billion has been secured for research, development, and innovation. The United States is finally moving forward to renewable and clean technology.

A Better Future

Consistent and global carbon taxing processes are necessary to accelerate the movement to lesser carbon emissions. Presently, policies and taxes alter depending on who is in charge. Therefore, all companies must consistently and extensively adopt renewable technologies for a better future.

According to Ottmar Edenhofer, an expert on energy policy and climate change, President Biden could use carbon pricing as one of the keys to renewable tools. He expressed that placing a price on what negatively affects the climate means to tax the bad rather than the good.

Moreover, there is a need for accelerated and continued reduction of storage costs, backed up by innovative technologies. The cost of energy storage is one factor that limits the adoption of renewable and clean energy. Therefore, as cost declines, storage becomes a vital part of the movement.

The pandemic has shifted almost everything in our lives. Through it, clean and renewable energy is being tackled more seriously.

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