Though the use of wind energy continues to grow in other countries, it’s still quite new to Canada. Wind Energy has been gaining popularity due to being practical and efficient. Though it has been in Canada for a while, it might take a while for it to take root. Here are a few things you should know.

Introducing Wind Energy to Canada 

Since 2009, more wind turbines have been constructed in Canada than other types of electricity production. Presently, wind energy generates power that supplies more than three million homes in Canada. There are over 300 wind farms in operation, including wind projects covering two northern territories.

In 2019, wind generation in Canada increased by 597 MW distributed among five wind energy schemes, accounting for more than a billion dollars of investment. Moreover, the capacity installed for wind production reached approximately 13,413 MW in the same year.

Below are interesting facts on how wind energy works and how it is impacting the world.

  1. Clean Energy Canada collaborates with CanSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association), WaterPower Canada, Marine Renewables Canada, and CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association) to form the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity.

The Council operates by researching, collaborating, and communicating to prompt the use of renewable electricity. Moreover, the Council has published a paper (Powering Climate Prosperity: Canada’s Renewable Electricity Advantage) about steps to prevent the planet from increasing its temperatures to more than two degrees Celcius.

  1. Project Trottier focuses on the changes people can contribute today to create sustainable energy and a low-carbon future for Canadians while also looking at environmental, social, and economic concerns.
  2. A global collaboration scheme related to researches on energy is brainstorming ways on how every country worldwide can shift to a net-zero economy through a project called DDP (Deep Decarbonization Pathways) initiative.

Harnessing energy from the wind has been in the spotlight for a while. Though costly, the benefits you can get from them are worth it.

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