Due to the pandemic, companies and employees consider the benefits of working at home, including inexpensive and sustainable energy supplies. Below are some of the trends for solar power and storage in 2021.

1. Roof orientations have changed

Module efficiency increased from 13% to more than 20% over the past 20 years. Accompanies with a price reduction of about ten times, it makes sense to place modules on roof orientations that are unshaded. Therefore, people are considering sloped rooftops for their homes.

2. Buildings are designed to become carbon-negative

Higher efficiencies of modules will mean that buildings below two stories can be constructed to become carbon-negative. That means that it will produce more power than consume it. As a result, the installation of solar rooftops will increase.

3. Solar power and storage contractors will level up

The configuration and features of combined solar technology and story system need a skilled contractor. Solar installers must be experts in building wirings, communication wiring, wireless protocols, mobile device and desktop applications, inverter configuration options, etc. Conventional roofing and electrical training are only basics for installing solar technologies and storage systems.

4. Customers have become picky in purchasing energy batteries

Ever since batteries were introduced, they are known to be short-lived. The long-term warranties attached to energy storage batteries depend on the company supporting these warranties. Knowledgeable consumers will choose to purchase systems from companies with a good track record.

5. Solar rooftops have changes in size

Building owners will start to install brand new appliances when their gas appliances break. Since the consumption of electricity will rise, oversizing solar technologies is a better design for customers.

These are just some of the trends of solar energy and storage systems for 2021. The only main challenge that will limit the penetration of cost-effective systems in the market is the overall cost.

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