Ecobee smart thermostat controlled through iPhone app

Toronto-based Ecobee Inc., which has developed a cool-looking smart thermostat that connects to your home Wi-Fi network, will soon be launching a new application that lets a person control the thermostat from their iPhone wherever they happen to be. “Basically we have created an iPhone application that turns the iPhone into a thermostat replica,” a spokesperson told me. “So, it’s displayed horizontally on the screen and gives you some of the functionality of the thermostat. You can adjust the temperature and humidity, receive and set up alerts… and control multiple thermostats.”

Ecobee already offered the ability to control its user-friendly smart thermostat through a Web portal, but the new iPhone app allows for remote mobile control of your household energy use. I should add that Ecobee’s thermostat can also be used for demand-response programs. Neat little tool.

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  1. I installed the EcoBee in June, and yes I do think its great. One point not yet mentioned is potential insurance saving with the EcoBee. A few weeks after the install my insurance company did an appraisal of my house. The gal really liked the feature where I can program the EcoBee to email myself (and any number of other folks) if the house temperature exceeds either a high or low threshold. A high threshold could mean a fire has started. I low threshold (I live it Ottawa Canada) could mean the furnace has stopped working, and my pipes may freeze. The adjuster thought this was great tool to mitigate risk, and said it could result in insurance savings, similar to having the house monitored for security and fire.

    BYW the iPod app is available.

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