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Is this the future after peak oil grounds the airline industry? (or, just a wonky idea)

Okay, my headline was intentionally designed to bring some kind of energy angle to this post, but really I just wanted to bring attention to this really intriguing idea of turning old Jumbo Jets into on-site accommodations for air travellers. The picture to the left is a “Honeymoon Suite” inside a cockpit of a Jumbo Jet based at an airport in Sweden. The plane has been converted into a hostel/hotel. They call it the Jumbo Hostel. You can watch a CNN News report here on YouTube or check out pictures at the company’s website.

On the topic of the future of air travel, you might be interested in this presentation from the World Bank’s top air transport expert. There is information about peak oil and the role of efficiency and biofuels near the end. (Hat tip to Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller for the link).

World Bank “green bond” a good act to follow

Ontario Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman has told me he is looking into launching a “green bond” in the province that would, at the very least, help finance community-level renewable energy projects. He’s been investigating the idea with Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and I expect, if they go through with it, they’ll launch something early this year. The question: How big will they go? Will they limit it to smaller community projects or open it up as part of a major stimulus package to help finance larger green infrastructure projects?

Clearly, the green bond idea has merit. So much so that the World Bank launched its first green bond back in November with Scandinavian bank SEB. “Tackling climate change is going to take immense resources that will only come from a well-orchestrated flow of public and private finance,” said Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank Group. “This transaction is an important early effort to show one way in which this can be done. We hope it demonstrates that private citizens can safely and profitably invest their savings today while also helping provide a better world for their children.” Continue reading World Bank “green bond” a good act to follow