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Electric scooters are nice, but a Zero Motorcycle fills the need for speed

I had the chance to take a new Zero S electric motorcycle for a spin yesterday. Zero Motorcycles was in Toronto and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. The California company launched its Zero S highway-capable motorcycle in the United States earlier this month and is now focusing its attention on its Canadian launch.

You can get the details from my Toronto Star article, but generally, I’ll say I was surprised at the power of this gearless machine. In fact, the torque was so strong it took some getting used to when starting from a stopped position. But seriously, acceleration? Holy crap Batman… this machine goes, like from zero to 100 km/h in less than four seconds (though I’d like to point out to my wife that I didn’t experience this first hand, given the limited space in the parking lot I was in). And very lightweight at just 102 kilograms.