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Anaerobic digestion in urban settings?

When we talk about using anaerobic digester technology to produce biogas from organic material, and then using that biogas to generate electricity, we’re usually talking about processing agricultural waste or manure out on some farm or rural facility. But what about the city? There’s thousands of tons of organic or “green bin” waste produced every day in cities like Toronto, and much of it still goes to landfill — particularly organics from multi-unit dwellings and industrial/commercial operations. Continue reading Anaerobic digestion in urban settings?

Plasco to build energy-from-waste facility in Alberta

Plasco Energy Group has signed its first commercial North American contract for an energy-from-waste facility, building on the pilot plant that’s currently in operation in Ottawa, Ontario. The company announced that it has signed a deal with┬áRed Deer, Alberta, to build a facility that will process 300 tons-per-day of waste and generate 15 megawatts of “green” electricity for the local grid. The company’s technology is based on gasification and a number of processes that create high-quality syngas, which is then burned in Jenbacher engines to generate electricity. Continue reading Plasco to build energy-from-waste facility in Alberta