Something to Remember: Key Climate Milestones in 2015

  • Began with the warmest winter on record globally.
  • Hottest year on record globally.
  • Toronto had the hottest Christmas Eve on record for a Canadian city, with the thermometer reaching 15.4 degrees C.
  • 2015 was last year we’ll see atmospheric CO2 concentrations below 400 parts per million, above which the global climate starts getting wacky.
  • The average global temperature increase averaged 1 degree C above pre-industrial times for the first time.
  • Tropical cyclone Patricia went off the hurricane category scale with winds of over 320 km per hour.
  • The Arabian peninsula was hit by two consecutive cyclones, unprecedented in the region.
  • After four years of drought California was the driest it has been in 500 years.
  • Jurisdictions such as B.C. and Alberta had their worst-ever wildfire seasons.
  • Record flooding hit northern England, winter tornadoes hit Texas and record heat crippled southern Australia.
  • Year ended with the North Pole being warmer than Toronto, Chicago, Boston, and even some parts of California.
  • And, we got a binding global climate agreement in Paris…. Yay!

One thought on “Something to Remember: Key Climate Milestones in 2015”

  1. Great analysis … I think everyone knows about this but it’s hard to recall. You have put all in one place. Thanks for sharing..
    I remember the heat wave on Christmas .. it was so unnatural

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