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  1. Thank God for the Conservatives, Harper and this new legislation to help the economy and country. It protects the environment along with reducing waste, growing jobs and improving our economy both today and in future.

    This budget helps stop Canada from becoming Greece (see the policies of the NDP that would make us the next Greece). Btw, Mulcair is doing a great job at helping Western separatism! He is still preaching his lies, even though many people say he is wrong, such as Mark Carney, The McDonald-Laurier Institute, IRPP, Economist Stephen Gordon, PM Paul Martin, etc.

    A few thoughts from the Republic of Western Canada.

  2. All these folks and orgs whom claim to speak up! ” BlackOutSpeakOut for nature, human rights and democratic rights”, all and I do mean all refuse to speak up for these issues where I am concerned.

    Hypocritical is an understatement, when in my opinion they can be paid for remaining silence, donations to their org’s is acceptable and not a bribe…no….!

    The primary source of GHG is fossil fuel burning electrical generating facilities. http://dingo.care2.com/pictures/causes/uploads/2012/01/GHG-emitters-2010.jpg
    7 Billion humans generate vast quantities of excrement. I believe this excrement is capable of providing all human electrical demands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiolysis
    Right now hydrogen is perceived as a negative by product, of Nuclear Energy, when it should be the product, as the Pentagon has considered. reference info Request for Information (RFI) on Deployable Reactor Technologies … DARPA-SN-10-37@darpa.mil
    Large scale conversions sites are intended to replace fossil fuel powered electrical facilities the Primary Source of Carbon Emissions.
    In what officials now say was a mistaken strategy to reduce the waste’s volume, organic chemicals were added years ago which were being bombarded by radiation fields, resulting in unwanted hydrogen. The hydrogen was then emitted in huge releases that official studies call burps, causing “waste-bergs,” chunks of waste floating on the surface, to roll over.

    Dennis Baker
    106-998 Creston Avenue
    Penticton BC V2A1P9
    cell phone 250-462-3796
    Phone / Fax 778-476-2633

    Related Cicumstances

    April 15 2009 Dennis Baker emails elections BC ( Candidate )
    April 16 2009 RCMP Cpl Myhre plants drugs in Vehicle ( Charges Baker only )
    April 20 2009 RCMP Cpl Myhre Changes Morphine to Dexedrine ( $500.oo bail)
    April 23 2009 Elections BC Closes nominations for candidates
    July 27 2009 RCMP Public Complaints Commission refuses to Act on Myhre
    Aug 21 2009 Dennis Baker files a Genocide Complaint against Myhre with I.C.C. International Criminal Court
    Oct 06 2009 Baker files 2 emails with ICC titled Evidence 1 & 2
    Oct 07 2009 RCMP Cpl Myhre Claims source info to obtain warrant for Documentation/ Cocaine. Documents and Morphine taken
    & Cell Phone belonging to Linda Bachmann
    Oct 08 2009 RCMP Cpl Myhre Has Informant text Linda Bachmanns cell phone Fabricated Message to use as Evidence
    against Dennis Baker
    Nov 06 2009 Crown Stays April 16 Count #1 PPT due to application from Dennis Baker while in custody (6 weeks)
    Nov 18 2009 As prerequisite of bail deal. I pleaded guilty to 3 charges Including Linda Bachmanns cell Phone!
    Bail Carried over $500.oo to new charges Released on House Arrest Conditions.

    Nov 22 2010 Judge Sinclair orders production records on cell phone evidence.
    Dec 21 2010 Crown Stays all charges due to Fabricated Text, sent by police informant.
    Dec 30 2010 Dennis Baker files complaints with RCMP public Complaints Commission (Myhre Perjury)
    Jan/Feb 2011Penticton RCMP get Superintendent of Motor Vehicles to Prohibit Dennis Baker
    From driving Arbitrarily. ( Baker family cannot flee BC out of Myhre Jurisdiction until June 14 2011)
    May 10 2011 RCMP text Dennis Baker Indicating Morphine Available. , Dennis Baker arrested for talking/ texting Morphine!
    May 11 2011 RCMP Cpl Trudeau asked Dennis Baker to drop complaint against Myhre & Livingston. Shortly after was taken to telephone court and charged with crack and dilaudid found by Myhre.
    May 12 2011 Bail hearing Myhre testifies to having the bicycle alone in his possession; then finding drugs
    in the presence of Anderson.
    May 16 2011 RCMP Kraft finger prints packages (7) No prints found.

    June 06 2011 Video Court appearance application for disclosure Judge Sinclair
    Clearly outlining concerns regarding credibility of RCMP Myhre

    June 10 2011 RCMP public Complaints Commission mail file # 2010-4382
    Myhre under investigation for Oct 7 2009 Oct 08 2009 actions as follows:
    1)Charged him with offences related to possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking without having evidence
    to support the charges (charges dropped and/or stayed).
    2)Falsified evidence and /or ignored information when they charged him with possession of a
    wireless communication device.
    3)Fabricated information related to a cell phone so they could be able to charge him with offences related to trafficking in narcotics.

    June 17 2011 Judge Sinclair delivers judgement which clearly outlined my concerns Regarding RCMP Myhre.
    Here the Crown Prosecutors are negligent in not investigating these concerns!
    (R.v.McNeil) see apendix page
    [50] The same duty to inquire applies when the Crown is informed of potentially relevant evidence
    pertaining to the credibility or reliability of the witness in the case. As the amicus curiae
    rightly states, the Crown and defence are not adverse in interest in discovering the existence
    of an unreliable or unethical police officer!
    June 20 2011 RCMP Inspector Haughli terminates all to access to the
    Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP.

    July 20 2011 Judge Chapman denied my applications to subpoena witness’s!
    ( R.v.Nova Scotia) see appendix page
    ( R.v. Churchman) see appendix page
    Judge Chapman indicated he was unaware of my (3) Notice of Charter Argument and
    Statement of Issues and Witness’s. I assured him the document originals where on file
    at the Penticton Court House.I also indicated the Notice of Charter Argument
    was so the he would know what full answer and defence was on this case.

    Aug 08 2011 Judge Chapman rules that he was not going to allowing questioning regarding issues prior to May 10.

    1) Preventing me from making an O’Conner application at trial for
    RCMP public Complaints Commission file # 2010-4382
    due to failure to lay a foundation for the contents of a record that is likely relevant to an issue at trial!
    Under Section 278.5 (1)(b) in order to seek production of that record at trial.
    (R.v.McNeil) see appendix page
    (R.v.B.(E.)) see appendix page
    2) Preventing me from setting up the evidentiary basis to challenge the Crowns evidence at Trial,
    and obtaining evidence that may relate to potential Charter defences at Trial.
    Judge Chapman was aware of my potential charter argument due to its repetition in (3) three
    Notice of Charter Argument and Statement of Issues and Witness’s.
    ( R.v.George) see appendix page
    3) Preventing me from subpoena Crown Prosecutors whom could give material evidence relevant
    to abuse of process, and the credibility of RCMP Myhre. As indicated in the
    Notice of Charter Argument and Statement of Issues and Witness’s
    ( R.v. Stupp) see appendix page
    4) Crown Council oppose my cross examination of police witness’s
    (R.v.Zoar) see appendix page

    Judge Chapman was quite clear in stating that the one day scheduled was insufficient
    to complete the preliminary and that a continuation would be in the distant future as
    as the case would be resent to the Trial Coordinator to set a new date to finish the preliminary hearing.

    this would result in an estimated 6 to 13 months further in custody until the end of the preliminary
    then 3 to 9 months further in custody to get Judge Chapman s warrant of committal quashed,
    then another 6 to 13 months in custody for a date to continue the Preliminary Hearing.

    Aug 09 2011 I pleaded guilty in order to be released in less than 3 years.
    I was required to serve an additional 102 days.

    Nov 18 2011 Released from KRCC 6 months 10 days in jail.

    Feb 13 2012 I Dennis Baker was Polygraphed regarding the alleged drugs in my bicycle by RCMP Myhre. It was determined that I am telling the truth and had no knowledge what so ever of these drugs.

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