2 thoughts on “Meltdown… a fitting word to describe 2011”

  1. My dear sir;
    It was great seeing your work at the Brick Works seminar and I had, earlier this past summer, sent you an e-mail in which I implored you for a response, which, I am sorry to say, I DID NOT receive!

    It causes me to wonder why you offer your E-mail address if you’re unable to respond to legitimate
    readers or “supporters”.

    Moving on ………… I agree with James & shecky!

    In reality, you should look at Hemp instead of Corn (a vital food product)! Commercial hemp production can provide MASSIVE RETURNS on a ‘benefits per acreage’ ratio, revitalizes the ground it’s planted in, needs ZERO insecticides, requires little or ZERO fertilizers and very little water or labour costs. ROI is MASSIVE and has the potential as a bio-fuel that would anger the “Big Boys”!

    You want Canadians to use light bulbs with MERCURY in them? REALLY? !! My understanding is that efficient, non-incandescent lighting will provide huge savings if used in areas where 24-hr. lighting is
    REQUIRED. It is really criminal to sell Canadian homeowners on this DISTORTION of energy saving!

    These lights break down (burn out) way earlier than incandescent bulbs in RESIDENTIAL use because, simply, they are not meant to be turned OFF & ON as normal families do! If we residents of
    Canada continue using these, household costs go UP, not down; HEATING costs rise also! And now we’ll HAVE LOTS OF FRESH MERCURY to add to our environment! What a lovely gift for our morrows, never mind your children, or theirs. AND LOGIC shows this is no more than ANOTHER TAX !

    We don’t really need to manufacture phony cures for falsely analyzed problems – this methodology
    is poor science – if you want to cure a problem, why attack the symptoms; get rid of the PROBLEM.

    SYMPTOMS don’t get cured. Symptoms are alarm bells. Symptoms disappear when problems are removed (or cured).

    Science is science! Curing symptoms is a useless undertaking and THAT”S a scientific fact!

    CO2 is healthy for plants – YES, Virginia, there IS global warming. That’s the world we live ON!
    It, global warming (and cooling) has been seen over aeons, long before primitive man arose.

    We must ALL awaken to sense! We are all responsible! Politicians CANNOT & SHOULD NOT look after YOUR welfare! That means regulations, rules and laws contrary to common sense! And contrary to freedom & liberty!

    BUT: Who & where are the Canadians who are concerned with ‘Freedom” or ‘Liberty’.

    ! ! ! Please Tyler ! ! ! I seriously hope to open some dialogue with you! Can you help!

    I’m on your team – we have a lot to un-do ! I hope you won’t ignore me!

    David Pirie
    Burlington, Ont.

  2. To comment on an earlier article on corn ethanol. As the corn to ethanol industry matures, it is becoming increasing difficult for cellulosic ethanol using grasses like miscanthus and switchgrass) to replace it. The difficulty is much more complicated than overcoming the recalcitrance of cellulose to fermentation. What is happening is that the industry has figured out how to make more money from more parts of it. For example the carbon dioxide from fermentation is sold to the soda pop companies and greenhouse industry. The residue left-over after fermentation becomes animal feed. And now a company has developed a process to extract the oil from the corn before fermentation.

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