Guest Post: Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto to host “EV Fest” for you electric car lovers

This is a guest post from the Evergreen blog:

People know that Evergreen Brick Works celebrates both the natural and cultural heritage of Toronto. But what role does it play in shaping the future of sustainable transportation in this city and beyond?

Evergreen Brick Works is more than a vibrant space for community festivals and appreciating nature in the city. It is also a living lab and a hub for green innovation, where like-minded people and businesses can explore, advance and apply urban sustainability solutions.

So, when the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada approached us to host their upcoming EV Festival, we were fully on board. What surprised us, however, was the depth of enthusiasm toward EVs and just how far the technology has come.

The EV Fest, to be held in The Kilns and Holcim Gallery on Sunday, Oct. 23 (10 a.m.–5 p.m.), will feature dozens of registered electric vehicles on display, as well as many people who have converted their cars and can help you convert yours. And, of course, Autoshare will be on hand with their Nissan Leaf parked close by at our charging stations in the main lot. Plus, be sure to stop by Better Place and their EV demonstration centre for even more electric fun!

You’ll come away from the day recognizing that the innovation and technology for EVs already exists—it simply needs to be scaled up.

The event will also be a great precursor for many more sustainable transportation initiatives planned at Evergreen Brick Works.

We are currently gearing up to host MOVE, a Transportation Expo next summer that will guide visitors through the past, present and future of urban transportation. The Expo, presented in partnership with George Brown College’s Institute without Boundaries, will be the first in a five-year series exploring the major issues affecting cities, and will also include a suite of 10 design “charrettes” held this fall.

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  1. Sirs, the public needs educated with regards to electric cars and their true potential in the average home. Big Oil has done everything to play down electrics. Most people aren’t aware electric cars ranges have increased greatly. What really is needed is the conversion of existing cars and trucks. Here’s is where jobs could be created. Js.

  2. Tyler,

    Your previous post about the current state of the world, anxiety levels, and the Occupy movement was spot on. I would have liked to forward it to a few friends as it was a great summary of many interconnected issues.

    Are you planning to re-post this or have you removed the post permanently?

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