Deal with Magna International and Magna E-Car builds more momentum for Ontario EV strategy

The Ontario government announced today it is working with Magna International and its majority-owned Magna E-Car division to assist in the development of a concept electric car, parts for hybrid and plug-in vehicles, components made of lightweight and bio-based materials, and an alternative energy project, details of which were not disclosed. The announcement is expected to lead to the creation of 738 new jobs and the protection of more than 1,300 jobs at Magna facilities in Aurora, Brampton, Concord and St. Thomas.

The government release didn’t mention dollars, but reports earlier in the day suggested that the government would be contributing $48 million toward what will be a $432 million R&D investment. This comes after a number of earlier EV-focused announcements, including Toyota’s disclosure last month that it will build its RAV4 electric vehicle at its plant in Woodstock, Ontario, and the government’s announcement a week later that it is creating an $80 million fund to help spur development and deployment of EV charging infrastructure in the province. Oh, and there was also the $2 million investment in Dana Holding Corp. toward building battery cooling systems for hybrid and plug-in vehicles.

A lot has happened in less than a month. Things are starting to come together… cautiously optimistic.


4 thoughts on “Deal with Magna International and Magna E-Car builds more momentum for Ontario EV strategy”

  1. Hey Tyler,

    Wasnt sure where to post this question, but have you heard of the electricity catalyzer or “ecat” invented by Andrea Rossi in Italy? I’ve read quite a few articles of it’s potential and that it’s real, and other articles claiming it’s a fraud.

    As a follower of your blog and articles, just curious if you have a perspective on this potentially massive development?!



  2. Hi Pieter, I know of Rossi’s work but I don’t have a perspective other than I would need to learn more. I actually reference it in my new book Mad Like Tesla on the chapter related to nuclear fusion. I do know there hasn’t been much North American coverage of his work but in Italy it has been covered closely, and apparently Rossi is making a larger prototype for a utility application using mostly his own money. If a man is prepared to put his own money into something like this I have a hard time believing it’s a fraud, but again, would need to delve much deeper. Another company to watch is Blacklight Power, which I also mention in the book. Rossi, BTW, is supposed to do another demonstration sometime before the end of this year. But the U.S. media has been stung so much in the past covering such things as cold fusion that they don’t bother putting the spotlight on these things any more.

  3. Thanks Tyler. I have been meaning to pick up your book, this is the additional incentive to make the point of doing so! Thanks for the info!

  4. Hey Tyler,

    There’s another Wente column out in the G&M today about E-cars. Would love to see you do a breakdown of it as I haven’t got the time to do it myself. I thought it might be an interesting juxtaposition from this news.

    Thanks for all the good work you do!

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