Supermoon sent chills down my spine…

Took this shot from my third-floor deck last night. Gave me goosebumps. The one below was what I got playing around with my new zoom lens.

2 thoughts on “Supermoon sent chills down my spine…”

  1. I like the picture! I missed the moonrise, unfortunatley, when it looks really huge on the horizon. An optical illusion, I know- but a neat one, which would have been even ‘closer’ last night. A simple thing, really, in this age of digital, on demand, 3-D entertainment- but all that still cannot match a full moon looming large over the edge of the earth in a clear sky!

    Let’s hope for clearer skies for our children (just to tie it in with your blog;-)

  2. I got it on my Blackberry too. I was working on my laptop with my back towards the window and there was this really strong glare on the screen. Turned around and notice the extra bright moon. Freaked out a bit initially, and then thanks to google quickly figured out what was going on!!

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