The 50 “most prolific” writers on climate change in 2010, including me? Globe and Mail, meanwhile, let’s coverage fall by half

I was surprised to find myself on a list from Daily Climate that ranks those journalists around the world who best covered climate change issues in 2010. My inclusion was based on stories I wrote for the Toronto Star, and according to the list I wrote 35 stories for the year, giving me a rank of 46th — far from leader Andrew Revkin, environmental blogger/reporter extraordinaire from the New York Times, who topped the list with 146 stories. Frankly, I don’t feel I cover climate change enough, and I wonder if my blog posts were mistakenly included. I’m not an environmental reporter per se, though my focus on green energy and clean technologies obviously gives me grounds to write frequently about a broad range of environmental issues, including climate change, which occupies my mind daily. I’m happy to be on the list, but what’s disappointing is the overall results, as reporting dropped 22 per cent in 2010 compared to 2009. Daily Climate, however, singled out the New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press and the London Guardian for keeping most active on the issue. At the same time, other papers have dropped the ball, including Canada’s Globe and Mail, which let its coverage fall by 51 per cent. Shame.

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  1. I was watching a special weather feature the other day on CTV about all the extreme weather around the world. They did 30 second bit with some dude at a weather service (missed the name) and he was saying he didn’t think it was only due to mother nature. I’m guessing they wouldn’t inlcude him saying “Global Warming” which was the phrase I was waiting for. It must be getting clear to most people with common sense that the climate is changing but CTV seems to have a problem linking the weather trends to global warming. Interestingly the week before I was watching the weather on channel 11 (Hamilton) and they clearly linked the extreme weather to global warming. Perhaps ownership of the station makes some kind of difference to what’s reported. No, that couldn’t happen..!

  2. Well, a lot of the coverage of climate change in the past in the Globe and Mail has been really crappy.
    And, honestly, even though the Globe is reporting less on climate change, the quality of its stories has improved.

    I’m very happy to see Mike DeSouza of CanWest/PostMedia news get the number 9 spot. (You should interview him, and vice-versa!)
    I have thought for some years now that he has been the best reporter in Canada on these issues.

  3. What? You’re disappointed that Margaret (doesn’t check her sources) Wente isn’t doing more columns on climate change?

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