4 thoughts on “A voice of reason in the U.S. Republican party: House Rep. Bob Inglis”

  1. Thanks for posting this video Tyler! It’s good to know that all Republicans don’t cast a downward eye on the science of climate change.

  2. “R- South Carolina”: fascinating. You knew that he was defeated in the primary by a tea party insurgent, right?

  3. I like to think of the sick child analogy a little different.

    Ninety-eight doctors come on the television and say your children are sick. You look over at your children and think, “My son looks fine. He might be a little fat and has a few scrapes from playing in the yard. My daughter has a sunburn and she developed a little acne when she turned thirteen. Other than that, I haven’t heard them complain about not feeling good. Why would those doctors say my kids are sick?”

    The remaining two doctors don’t disagree on the treatment if they had a specific ailment mentioned by the ninety-eight. They disagree on the diagnosis. Chubby, acne prone kids with cuts, scrapes and too much sun are not symptoms of impending death. They are just normal kids who get into mischief and go through cycles, like puberty.

    I agree that we need to have full disclosure of data and scientific methods to allow a rigorous debate about the results and the conclusions drawn there from. It’s a shame that Michael Mann and his cronies over at Real Climate don’t agree with that sentiment.


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