Former Xantrex CEO joins ZENN board

Many things reflect the credibility of a company, and among them is the composition of its board of directors. So I find it interesting that ZENN today announced that John Robert Wallace, former CEO of power-electronics firm Xantrex, has been appointed a director. Wallace is plugged into all sectors that are important to ZENN. He is currently chairman of Enova Systems, the California maker of electric and hybrid-electric drive trains. He is also a former chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association and the United States Advanced Battery Consortium. Earlier in his career he spent 20 years at Ford Motor Co., where he held the title of director of sustainable technologies. He was also once the executive director and chairman at TH!NK Nordic.

Wallace, like any seasoned exec, wouldn’t just join any board. Obviously he’s done his research and felt comfortable associating with ZENN. For this reason, I view this appointment as quite positive. After all, if EEStor wasn’t going to deliver would Wallace waste him time?

Still waiting, however…

2 thoughts on “Former Xantrex CEO joins ZENN board”

  1. Wish you would dig around at Enova to see if their company suspects a partnership with Zenn could come of this. After all, if Wallace can help Zenn with partnerships….Enova seems a likely first choice….it would create a reason to believe Zenn has a strategy to capitalize on the non-exclusive aspect of their EEStor license.

  2. Hi Tyler,

    Black Light Power has a really impressive board … yet they’ve failed to deliver anything after years and years and years. This includes the noise they made last year about contracts with some municipal electric utilities to deliver power plants in a timeframe that has come and gone.

    Still, I agree it seems weird that Wallace would be join the board unless he has some reason to believe they are doing something other than twiddling their thumbs.

    Do you have any more insight into what’s going on at Zenn? Any communications with Zenn or EEstor insiders, or any informed speculation from anyone else?

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