Joe Romm’s book Straight Up is a treasure of climate-related widsom

I meant to review Joe Romm’s most recent book Straight Up a few months ago but didn’t really dig into it until I started research for my own book. Also, I’ve been regularly following his blog,, since it was started and much of the content in the book — a compilation of his best climate-related posts with commentary and updates — isn’t new to me. But if you’re someone looking to expand your knowledge of climate change science, policy, and the technologies needed to address global warming, then I highly recommend Romm’s reliable and passionately written compilation — and his blog for that matter. You may disagree with him occasionally — I do — but he cuts through the crap in a way no mainstream media outlet has or will. In fact, my favourite posts are when he regularly attacks the mainstream media for its pathetic coverage of the climate issue.

Before Romm even got into blogging he authored the book Hell and High Water, which I was first to review. Before that he wrote The Hype About Hydrogen, which effectively let the air out of Jeremy Rifkin’s Hydrogen Economy balloon.

2 thoughts on “Joe Romm’s book Straight Up is a treasure of climate-related widsom”

  1. Tyler,

    You just lost any credibility you might have had. IMHO, Joe Romm is the Eddie Shack of climate science, the Charles Manson of activism and you do yourself a disservice by promoting the likes of him.

    You’d be better served by staying clear of extremists and focus on the mainstream.


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