Ontario program to cover up to 70 per cent of industrial energy efficiency projects

Back in early March I wrote about this industrial efficiency program being in the works, but the Ontario government officially announced it today. The five-year Industrial Accelerator program, designed and managed by the Ontario Power Authority, offers the following:

  • Financial incentives will cover up to 70% of eligible capital costs.
  • Energy-efficiency projects offer potential electricity cost savings as high as 30%.
  • Support is offered for high-performance industrial installations that improve productivity and competitiveness.
  • The program could significantly reduce the demand on the electricity system from some of Ontario’s largest electricity consumers.
  • The program will also help drive the development of green technology and jobs in the province. Over seven years, this program will create an estimated 5,500 net jobs.
  • This is one of the smartest programs, in my view, that the Ontario government has launched. It targets the 45 largest industrial companies connected directly to the transmission system. It helps these big businesses become more energy efficiency, more competitive globally, and it helps them cope with higher electricity rates as the province renews its power system. While hundreds of millions of dollars will be devoted to this program, reducing several hundred megawatts of electricity demand from the grid will be far cheaper than building new generation to accommodate an inefficient industrial base.

    This is an important initiative in Ontario, even if it’s not as sexy as solar and wind.

    For more information, check out this article I wrote in the Toronto Star in March. Also, for details about the Industrial Accelerator program, go here.

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    1. There’s definately a lot of interest in energy and water conservation. I just got back from the CDEA (Canadian District Energy Assocation) conference in North Vancouver, myself. A lot of key Canadian companies and communities are looking at methods of conservation. Our message was well received at the conference.

      E2O fifty is a community challenge to everyone from the grass roots to community officials and Government leaders to actively reduce energy and water consumption by over 50% within your communities.

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