Calling all energy auditors, solar/geothermal contactors

I’m trying to get a sense of how the Canadian federal government’s decision to stop accepting applications for EcoEnergy refrofit incentives will affect energy auditors, HVAC companies¬†and installers of solar thermal and geothermal systems across the country, particularly Ontario.¬† Are you worried the provinces will follow? Do you expect business to slow down dramatically? Are you expecting to lay off staff?

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2 thoughts on “Calling all energy auditors, solar/geothermal contactors”

  1. One thing i have picked up from talking to all my contacts is that homeowners are not buying the high efficient equipment and are opting for cheaper options, This was a bad call for the Feds and i hope they get there act together.


    Alex Kopperson

  2. I expect to see a decrease in business and a less motivated clientelle.

    It looks to me that Ontario will maintain their program, which is obviously a good thing. I think that the marketplace needs to be reminded of this.

    I would like to think that energy efficiency measures should be done on their own merits, without grants and incentives, but it seems that the marketplace will need to learn this all over again.
    In the meantime we expect to have to increase marketing in order to avoid layoffs.

    One thing I won’t miss is the people who made/make choices for sometimes the wrong reasons and were guided strictly by whether they could qualify for the incentives. In the case of attic insulation, all people seemed to want is more material to fulfill the requirements to the letter of EcoEnergy, not a better insulated and better performing attic.

    Rich Krechowicz,
    Callrich Eco Services Inc.

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