How are the media handling climate story? Check TVOntario tonight

Hi, just a note: Tonight on TVOntario I take part in a panel that discusses the media’s role in telling the climate-change story and whether we’re getting it right or wrong. The five others on the panel are Climate blogger Joe Romm of Climate Progress, Quentin Chiotti of Pollution Probe, Walter Russell Mead of the Council on Foreign Relations, Nature Magazine writer Nicola Jones, and Curtis Brainard of the Columbia Review of Journalism.

The one-hour discussion appears at 8 p.m. and again at 11 p.m. EST.


2 thoughts on “How are the media handling climate story? Check TVOntario tonight”

  1. Excellent job Tyler. great points by all the panelists for the most part. Too bad the first episode was such a stinker. It boggles the mind that Richard Lindzen gets his soapbox and then they put on Hadi as a counterpoint (Hadi’s more of a WG2 kinda guy so it doesn’t make sense IMO).

    Lindzen has virtually no credibility left in the climate science community and he’s more of an obstructionist than anything else. Wonder perhaps if you would ask Steve P how exactly it was decided to chose the guests? Personally I would have gone with Andrew Weaver and Jim Hansen but I suspect that’s not the kind of ‘balance’ that they’re looking for….

    p.s. for evidence of Lindzen’s mendacity see here:

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