Hummer, the epitome of all that’s wasteful in our society, is winding down

Turns out the Chinese couldn’t get it together, as attempts by Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. Ltd. to acquire GM’s Hummer division have fallen through. GM, in response, announced today it will begin the orderly wind-down of Hummer. Sure, some Saudi prince couldĀ decide to step in and buy the operation at the last minute as his own play thing, but I doubt it. GM didn’t say why the deal couldn’t be complete, but who cares: one of the world’s most wasteful and pointless machines is at the end of its road. Sorry Arnie.

6 thoughts on “Hummer, the epitome of all that’s wasteful in our society, is winding down”

  1. What a crackpot statement.
    “sorry Arnie”
    So you think Arnie and he’s Hummer (which runs on biofuel and he does not put very high mileage on) is at the root of all evil.
    How about just shooting all owners of cars with V-8 engines, or better yet confiscate their cars and chain them to bicycles. Yeah ! THAT’S THE TICKET! and then make all ugly consumers wear big red ‘W’s’ on their clothes to indicate that they are bad wasteful greedy selfindulgent jerks.
    …and then we could round them up and put them in wasteful consumer concentration camps. YEAH ! THAT’S THE TICKET !
    ….and then we could go after lawnmowers, because nature doesnt’ use them either………and then………

  2. …… and then people named joe who make sarcastic comments about post in blogs.

    If Arnie has a fine upstanding environmental record, tell us why.

  3. Too bad Hummer is winding down. Actually, I was looking forward to the civilian version of an Abram M1 or Leopard C1 tank. Hmm, Leopard IS diesel, therefore is an environmentally friendly thing. Think of a baby-blue Leopard tank changing lanes in front of you at 100 klicks an hour.

  4. I think hummers, politicians and actors are all worthy of our criticism!

    Harrison Ford got in trouble with the popular media recently for flying his jet to get a hamburger.

    Hummers are simply overkill for consumers – there is no practical reason to have one. The question will be what trumps… environment concerns vs. free market/individual choice? Nobody argues that illegal dumping of toxic deadly waste is a criminal offence… but does that include driving a hummer? Not yet anyway, but certainly a discussion worth having… especially since carbon emissions are driving climate change.

    I wonder what the military will do for vehicles?

  5. Everything goes through many many trials and failures before becoming a success. Hopefully something good will come out of it. Like reusing some of the technology innovated originally for the vehicle for other worthwhile projects.

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