Merry Christmas, and wishing you a sustainable New Year!

Happy Holidays to all my readers. Thank you for visiting over 2009. I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for nearly five years. When I first started, I wrote about anything and everything related to cleantech and green energy. There weren’t as many blogs back then, and certainly no dedicated “news” coverage of the area. Today, there are a number of sites dedicated to cleantech news, hundreds of blogs, and the mainstream press — the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc… — are actively covering the sector. This is all great to see, for obvious reasons, as we’ll need these technologies and the innovators behind them to help us deal with humanity’s most pressing problems, including climate change, water scarcity, energy security, sustainable growth, you name it.

Over the past couple of years, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been more selective about what I write about. I’m largely focused on Canadian happenings and companies, and there’s a reason for that. Few others are covering it. Beyond Canada, there’s no shortage of sites reprocessing press releases, linking to studies, covering announcements, and tracking the latest mergers, IPOs, deals, partnerships and financings. I figure there’s no reason to offer more of what’s already out there. Besides, I have a day job and a young family — I can’t be on top of this stuff 24-hours a day, like many sites now are. If I do cover non-Canadian events, I try to come at it with a different perspective.

There appears to be 15,000 to 20,000 of you who regularly stop by. I hope you’re finding that most of what I offer is information you won’t find elsewhere. As always, I’m open to suggestions.

So again, thank you, have a happy holidays, and more importantly, have a safe and healthy break with family and friends.



4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, and wishing you a sustainable New Year!”

  1. Thanks for another year of clean tech blogging, Tyler- hope you and yours have a very, merry Christmas and a New Year of hope.

    Paul C, from deep in the heart of Texas;-)

  2. Thanks Tyler,

    Been a stalwart reader since stumbling on this blog a couple of years ago. Really appreciate the quality writing and research that goes into these articles – definitely a cut above the rest. Looking forward to more in 2010.

    Jonathan Quinn, London UK

  3. Hey Tyler – thanks for the blog – I stop by all the time and you’ve always got great info (some of which I use to argue with the denialists on the Star site)!

    Merry Xmas!

  4. I would like to echo the thanks from the other readers. This really is a great blog, and is the preeminent place that I go for Canadian centric clean tech happenings. You continue to do an excellent job, and I always look forward to any updates and stories you publish! Keep up the great work… all the best to you and yours in 2010!

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