Toronto Hydro first Canadian utility to test-drive Google PowerMeter

About 10,000 Toronto Hydro customers already on smart meters will soon be moving to time-of-use pricing and the rest will be moving by the end of this year, so it makes sense that the utility give folks a way to actually see their electricity use. The company just announced this morning it will be testing out Google’s PowerMeter on select customers, making it the first Canadian utility to do so. If the trial is successful, Toronto Hydro said it may make the software available to all of its customer. Keep in mind the information provided through the Google PowerMeter won’t be granular — i.e., it won’t provide energy usage of individual appliances; just overall residential energy use.

NOTE: My story in the Toronto Star.

2 thoughts on “Toronto Hydro first Canadian utility to test-drive Google PowerMeter”

  1. I was thinking about this granularity thing. Would it be possible to use software to work out what a source of energy consumption is. The user would need to train it but i’d have thought that the majority of household items (especially the big ones like the fridge, TV, washing machine, oven etc) must have a fairly distinctive consumption pattern which the software could recognise.

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