James Lovelock to speak in Toronto May 26

UPDATE: As promised, here’s the Lovelock Q&A from Saturday’s Toronto Star.

If you’d like to hear from the man who developed the Gaia theory, James Lovelock will be speaking in Toronto on the morning of May 26 at the Glenn Gould Studio, CBC headquarters building, 250 Front St. West. The event is organized by Corporate Knights magazine, and you can click here for details. Lovelock recently released his latest book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia, and his outlook on the world isn’t pretty. I had a chance to interview Lovelock last week and the Q&A will be appearing in this Saturday’s Toronto Star. He’s a delightful man, turning 90 in July, but his message regarding the impact of climate change on humanity¬†is quite alarming, and depressing. I’ll link to the Q&A when it appears on Saturday. If you’re interested in checking out his talk, word is there are still a few tickets available.

One thought on “James Lovelock to speak in Toronto May 26”

  1. Scientists placed an electro-magnetic field around a rat…the rat created an ozone bubble (somehow).
    The earth is constantly being bombarded by charged particles, constantly; the eath is surrounded by an ozone bubble, does this fact not lend to idea that the earth is a living thing?
    1The earth is heating up, drying out, dust from Chad is found in the arctic. It is this dust that is acting as a solar blanket, absorbing sunlight’s energy where usually the energy is reflected off of the glistening surface. This ligt energy absorbtion is causing the glaciers to melt at a much faster pace than has been sumised would/should happen by global wrming alone
    2 The Chinese have damned the three gorges. This great weight on the earth’s crust has caused increased seismic activity in the region. Correct me if I am wrong but additional seismic activity on regions where volcanic activity is potential would cause additional volcanic activity.
    My addition to your theory of the earth system is as follows:
    The earth has a simple method of cooling itself off. Additional heat alone will affect a change in the system such that the glaciers melt a little and cool off the oceans causing a little larger storms and greater fluctuations in weather patterns so as to cool the entire system ( the cool waters cool the air , cool air from the north or south mixes with warmer air from the middle to influence weather therefore the earth cools a little or at least remains moderated). The earth has its own little fire prevention system…it has a huge sprinkler system that goes off when it heats up too much. This has begun to happen to a very small degree. The sprinkler system is not working to put out our waterproof “fires” contained in factories and cars etc. Now the earth is heating up. Deserts are growing, dust is becoming more prevelant de to this aridization. The dust is being swept up by greater wind currents caused by the storms which are a little larger. This is the dust that is blackening the glaciers causing them to melt very quickly. This will cause the waters to rise a one meter in a number of years, we are told, if “they” continue to be incorrect, this may be more than one meter. The additional weight dispersed over the world will have a similar effect on the earth’s crust that the three gorges damn is having but on a world wide scale. The additiional weight will cause increased and worldwide seismic activity causing increased and worldwide volcanic activity. The ash and dust from those volcanoes will block out the sun and will create a new ice age. I think that we are in greater danger than we can even imagine.
    This is irriversable. We have awoken a giant immune system. The giant living thing will shake and shudder and survive. Will we?

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