Some upcoming green events: local procurement event, alt-energy panel, and net-zero homes awards

Apologies for the low frequency of posts over the past few days. It’s been extremely busy. My grandmother, a dear lady who had the good fortune of living to 96, also passed away Thursday morning so I’ve been assisting on that front.

I do want to point out a few upcoming events, however. Read below for details on the Greening Greater Toronto Marketplace on May 12, an alternative energy panel I’m moderating at the Empire Club of Canada on May 21, and the Net-Zero Energy Home Awards on June 8.

First, there’s the Greening Greater Toronto Marketplace happening this Tuesday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The marketplace was created by the Greening Greater Toronto Alliance in partnership with the Toronto Region Research Alliance to help local clean-energy and green technology companies get the early orders they need to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products. The idea is that the province’s big corporate and government purchasers become a showcase for made-in-Ontario products that have large domestic and export potential. More than 100 large corporate and government purchasers, representing about $50 billion in procurement power, will be brought together with more than 20 local greentech suppliers. Hopefully they’ll do a friendly dance and strikes some great relationships. This is the first of what’s expected to be an annual affair.

Second, for those who are interested in a lunch-and-learn session, I’ll be moderating a panel on May 21 starting at 11:45 a.m. that will explore alternative energy technologies in Canada and the potential they have to change our electricity and transportation systems. Tom Heintzman, president of green electricity retailer Bullfrog Power; Kerry Adler, CEO of wind and solar developer SkyPower Corp.; and John Thomson, CEO of biogas developer Yield Energy, will be my panelists. Much of the talk will be around opportunities presented by Ontario’s new Green Energy Act, which could get Royal Assent as early as this week.

Finally, the Net-Zero Energy Home Coalition will be holding its inaugural NZEH awards event on the evening of June 8 (a Monday) in Montreal. It will take place at the Westin Hotel. It’s a chance to begin recognizing the important work going on in the builder/architectural community as it relates to net-zero homes, and more importantly the development of net-zero energy homes that can be easily replicated and that don’t come with an obscene premium. Disclosure: I am one of the four judges, and I can confidently say there is impressive work going on. Given the proper planning, there’s no reason why every new home can’t be a net-zero home — or close to it!

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  1. The ISCM, Town of Markham and OCETA are hosting a networking event, “A Clean Tech Gathering” on Friday, June 19th at the Markham Civic Centre. In addition to the networking, there will be several Clean Tech industry panels and a case study of a prosperous Clean Tech enterprise, Encelium Technolgies, an intelligent lighting manufacturer based in Richmond Hill. Members of the Clean Tech business community are invited, please visit for more information…

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