Canadian solar industry jobs to double over three years

If you’re looking for an up-to-date breakdown of the solar industry in Canada and the jobs that are expected to be created in the coming years, check out this labour survey by Kelly Sears Consulting Group, which was commissioned by the Canadian Solar Industries Association and Canada’s Electricity Sector Council.

Key findings:

  • Doubling of jobs by 2011.
  • Industry shortage of installers right now.
  • By 2011 there will also be a shortage of system designers, project managers and engineers.
  • Recommendation to increase training and relevant curricula.

My guess is that most of these shortages and job opportunities will be created in Ontario, given the province’s Green Energy Act and progressive feed-in tariff program.

5 thoughts on “Canadian solar industry jobs to double over three years”

  1. The Feed In Tariffs to be introduced by Ontario; they should lead to a spurt in growth of the solar power industry.

    However, many people don,t understand Feed In Tariffs and what they mean for the solar economy. They are explained in the website http//

    My feeling is that the tariffs are too generous right now. For rooftop solar, they are priced at 80 cents/KWH, at least ten times the going rate for supply of electric power to homes. If I meet 5% of my electricity needs with a rooftop solar panel, this means I can reduce my electricity bill by 50%.

    Pretty amazing.

  2. I get frustrated when i read the words” There is currently a shortage of installers” i have been searching for months for companies that will hire an installer whether it be for solar thermal or solar photovoltaic installers. i need a job now and want one in the solar industry

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