Residential solar thermal systems get huge incentive boost

The Canadian government boosted its incentives for home energy retrofits yesterday by 25 per cent for most items, which the Ontario government said it would match. It’s all part of an effort to stimulate “green” home renovations as part of a larger effort to kickstart economic activity.

I said “most” items because solar thermal hot water systems got an even greater boost. The current rebate is $500 from the federal government, matched by a further $500 from Ontario. The feds increased its rebate dramatically to $1,250. So if Ontario matches, as it says it will, that will mean anyone who purchases and installs a residential solar hot water system will get $2,500 back. Not bad, considering you can get a system for as low as $6,000.

Expect more “thermal” and energy efficiency¬†announcements from Ontario in the coming weeks. Here’s my article in the Star if you want some more details.

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  1. Solar thermal for supplemental space heating as well as hot water is the ultimate value. It will probably lower your natural gas or oil bills by a large magnitude. Using it only for hot water is not the best use of your system. High performance means very low bills.

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