Cisco’s smart grid ambitions increasingly clear

If you want more proof that the grid will follow¬†the same evolutionary path as the Internet, look no further than Cisco Systems. The company is getting into energy management in a big way, as demonstrated by today’s EnergyWise announcement. With big tech names like Cisco and IBM getting deeper and deeper into the smart grid arena, the big trend for investment and innovation is becoming increasingly clear.

2 thoughts on “Cisco’s smart grid ambitions increasingly clear”

  1. Wow! Three stories today- what a treat;-) Interesting about Cisco jumping in, but it does make sense. And even if Utility Companies are reluctant to partner with a non-traditional energy player, Cisco has such a large presense and good track record, I don’t see how they could not help but succeed- especially if they have some early success, and if they either partner with, or buy, the right company. This will bring some instant know-how and energy expertise. During the Internet and dot-com boom of the 90’s, I am reminded of how Cisco at one point became the largest-valued company in the world before anyone even knew who they were. This type of behind-the-scenes business is just what Cisco seems to do well, and may be poised for another large expansion- and, in the process, may help drive Clean Tech along with it. I would say this is good news, overall, for the Clean Tech industry.
    Good blogs today, by the way;-)

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