EEStor update: Is there a materials engineer in the house?

EEStor put out a press release just minutes ago talking about “Certification of Additional Key Production Milestones” and “Enhancement of Chemical Purity.” According to the release, “These key certified production milestones of particle crystallization, size, purity and polarization are expected to assist EEStor in providing not only present and future energy storage requirements, but also production consistency.” There’s talk of certification data from “outside sources” that the purified aluminum oxide — used as a coating material on what I assume is the barium titanate — can have a voltage breakdown of 1,100 volts per micron. “The target working voltage of EEStor’s chemical processes is at 350 volts per micron. This provides the potential for excellent protection from voltage breakdown.”

So what does all this mean? Hmmm… I honestly haven’t a clue. Couldn’t tell you if this is important or not, so I issue a call: Is there an engineer in the house who can decrypt this technospeak?

As for EEStor, I suggest Mr. Weir hire someone with skills in the art of “plain language” to write his future press releases. Ugh…