6 thoughts on “Obama talks, I smile”

  1. Hello trying to introduce a new concept in producing clean free energy called the GRAVITY TURBINE, is a harder matter than i thought. The Arcing of matter in our universe is the start of all creation , from planets to now sustainable life on earth..
    When will earths inhabitants run out of its own sustainability..
    From me a father wondering how much future our children will be able to see..

  2. Many other issues, whilst the human race on earth doubles in population every 30yrs or so.. To have clean energy in America by 2050 will be far to late, as we continue burning more fossils fuels each day. As we drain down our natural resources, all around the world…
    Climatic change is exerting more pressure on them fault lines, when will the next pressure be released, and where will the tidal waves cover this TIME…
    I Live 15 mls from that canceled coal port at Shoal Water Bay, where i attended an anti sand mining concert in 1991(photos).. On the highest mountain point there is the 1 tree to have survived the last tidal wave approx 300 yrs ago(protected) with little valleys on top with approx 1000 yr old trees. In Europe they have trees with growth ring markings of a volcanic dust cloud that cover there continent, approx 300 yrs old….. Solar or wind power would not have worked to good then or now, and no where to send the convicts this TIME????
    I live 50 mls up from the worlds largest coal port as well at Gladstone,,, inland from Great Keppel Islands, near Yeppoon, Qld Australia…

  3. This short video is indeed hopeful, that the main thrust of his presidency will be renewable and/or clean energy and transportation. Mr. Obama has a chance to etch his name in a large way in history, and, especially early in his term, the will and madate to make far-reaching changes. 2009 will be an interesting year;-)

  4. Imagine if he appoints Arny to head the EPA; will Canada be left to sink into our tar-pit, or are we finally going to clean and green our way out of this mess?

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