$135 oil forces industry to embrace efficiency

My Clean Break column today takes a look at the rising interest in industrial-scale heat recovery technologies as pulp and paper, food and beverage, biofuel and a range of other companies cope with rising fossil fuel prices. Tim Angus, president and CEO of Ottawa-based Thermal Energy, estimates that a third — up to $1 billion — in oil and gas used in industrial boilers and dryers in Ontario is lost in the form of waste heat. He says it’s possible to capture up to 80 per cent of that heat and redirect it to industrial processes. Alternatively, companies such as Ormat Technologies are helping some industries turn that heat into electricity. I posted about Thermal Energy recently, but this column takes a closer look at the opportunity and why interest in heat recovery technologies is, well, heating up.

5 thoughts on “$135 oil forces industry to embrace efficiency”

  1. My comment would be that Dick’s reply to the question on the lack of a permitivity announcement was quite pathetic. Another reason to be skeptical.

  2. I saw the initial blogs from the annonyous EESTOR writer a few days ago as well- I must doubt the veracity of his interview- for a company that has chosen privacy and secrecy, I just don’t see the CEO of this company divulging anything in this manner. And the Interview has not substance- there is nothing there that has not already been divulged or hinted at or guessed.

  3. Oops! …has “no” substance…. ARGH! No wonder I did not finish my degree in Math and English Education;-)

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