Khosla takes shot at Scheer

I came across this interesting blog post from venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, who at great length explains why he believes German environmentalist Herman Scheer is an idealist whose predictions of solar PV on every home and other distributed/renewable scenarios are unrealistic. While Scheer attacks the idea of central plants and an almighty grid, Khosla defends it as necessary. “Ardent do-gooders can do harm and set back real solutions,” writes Khosla, who says some of Scheer’s “green” solutions to the world’s energy ills probably requires more fossil energy to create. I haven’t read this lengthy post in detail, but it’s certainly to ruffle a few feathers, particularly those of Sheer loyalists. I’m currently reading Scheer’s latest book, Energy Autonomy, and on the whole I’m quite enjoying it. Will be interesting to see if Sheer replies to Khosla’s respectful, but nonetheless cutting remarks.