Stellar debut for 5N Plus

Just a follow-up to my previous post about Montreal-based 5N Plus and its initial public offering. The maker of purified cadmium telluride for use in solar cells, and a key supplier to First Solar, debutted on the Toronto Stock Exchange at $3.00 (Canadian) and saw its shares skyrocket 87 per cent to $5.60. It will be interesting to see whether 5N’s stock enjoys the same (or similar) climb as First Solar’s shares.

One thought on “Stellar debut for 5N Plus”

  1. I saw your story on 5N Plus (stock symbol VNP on the TSX – the V is like roman numeral five, since symbols have to use letters). As of this morning (Friday, day 2 of trading) it’s up another $0.60. I logged in to my online banking, and today they have charting data for yesterday’s day 1 of trading. It started off at $4 rather than $3, and it just kept rising all day, with a bit of a plateau mid-morning.

    So many solar stocks are rising so fast, it’s really hard to decide if there are still good investment opportunities in any of them when they have already gone up so far so fast.

    Oh, now VNP is at $6.60, up a dollar on trading today ($0.40 since I started typing). This is making my dizzy!

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