Looking for green work?

I’m not sure how exhaustive this Web site is, but if you’re based in Canada and looking for a “green” job, check out WorkCabin.ca, which attempts to “help green employers and organizations connect with individuals who want to work or volunteer for green businesses, government departments and environmental organizations.” A bonus is that you can subscribe to an e-mail alert that lets you know when the latest jobs are posted. This site began operation in April, so is fairly fresh, but it would be nice to see it gather momentum with employers and job seekers alike.

2 thoughts on “Looking for green work?”

  1. While WorkCabin looks promising, People and Plant Friendly’s GoodWork Canada website is another excellent job listing site for those seeking environment-related work.

  2. GoodWork has been around since 2001, so I’m not sure how this other site can claim to be the only eco job site. Adding another eco job site just makes it harder for ENGOs and for job-seekers who have to look to multiple places.

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