Clean Break Podcast: EnerWorks and solar thermal

My Clean Break podcast today is an interview with Michael Noble, founder and president of Dorchester, Ont.-based EnerWorks Inc., which develops and sells solar thermal hot water heating systems for residential and commercial use. EnerWorks recently snagged a round of funding and is hoping to expand into the U.S. market. Noble calls solar thermal low-hanging fruit in the solar industry.

Personal update: I’ve been quite ill over the past few days, as you can tell from my posts (or lack of). Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the geo-exchange conference as I had hoped. Also, posts will likely be sporadic over the coming days (possibly weeks) as I work toward getting better.

7 thoughts on “Clean Break Podcast: EnerWorks and solar thermal”

  1. I was wondering what was up when I didn’t see any article by you in the Star today either. ! I hope it is nothing serious…get well soon!

  2. Hi Tyler, get well soon! Though I don’t know you personally, your work as I experience it shows a warm and inspiring dedication to future generations. And that I value highly. Emil, Netherlands

  3. Thanks all for your kind comments. Not to worry — it’s not too serious and very manageable. Just had a few bad days and may need to take more time to sort things out. I expect the posts will pick up again this week.


  4. Chicken soup!

    haha.. well I hope you get well soon and start posting again. The blogosphere is not the same without Clean Break.

    Cheers. Jon

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