Notes of recognition

I just want to congratulate Marion Fraser, senior policy advisor to Ontario’s minister of energy, for being honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award last week at the 2nd annual Green Building Festival in Toronto. The award — three were given out — goes to individuals “who have shown leadership, vision and determination in driving market transformation.” I can vouch for that — Marion has been a driving force behind a number of renewable and distributed energy initiatives out of the ministry of energy, including the standard offer program and the push for more combined heat and power. Her efforts behind the scenes are leading to a better Ontario.

Secondly, congrats go out to my friend Jose Etcheverry, the research and policy analyst for the David Suzuki Foundation’s climate change program. Jose recently informed me while at a renewables storage conference in Germany that he was nominated to become chair of the World Council for Renewable Energy. In the words of Jose, “It is a great honour and I look forward to doing some good work for them.” I know you will.