Clean Break podcast: Zerofootprint

On this week’s Clean Break podcast I speak with Deborah Kaplan, executive director of Toronto-based Zerofootprint Inc., about the company’s goal of helping consumers and businesses embrace renewable energy and give back to the environment. For a bit of background, click here.

2 thoughts on “Clean Break podcast: Zerofootprint”

  1. Great interview. And obviously, great iniciative by zerofootprint 🙂
    PS: The volume of the interview could have been a little higher.

  2. I have an old integrated amp I wasn’t using any more parked beside the computer. The sound card feeds that, and I use headphones out of the amp to listen to everything from the computer. It could make your interview painful if I was into that. I’ve had the same problem with DVD’s -even two discs from the same set. Low-wattage 1980’s integrated amps you can pick up at a garage sale for $5.

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