Tracking renewable projects worldwide

I recently got forwarded a link to a cool little not-for-profit Web site established in Guelph, Ontario, that’s attempting to track and provide information on solar, wind, biomass and other renewable projects around the world. The site, called The Renewable Planet, is attempting to become a Wikipedia for renewable energy initiatives, project co-ordinator Katy McEwen told me in an e-mail.

“We hope that this information will stimulate greater interest in renewable energy,” she said. “We also want to support the exchange of ideas. We encourage others to submit their own project and help build this site to become a leading resource on current and planned renewable energy projects.” The site, which uses Google Maps to map out the location of projects and provides direct links to project Web sites, was launched last month.

This is an excellent tool that I hope everyone will use and explore as we attempt to learn from the ideas, successes and failures of others.

One thought on “Tracking renewable projects worldwide”

  1. This is GREAT – and exactly the idea that I had brought forward at a latest Green Drinks meet in Toronto. I had spoken to a few people about developing a push pin based map to show locations of small scale to large scale renewables projects, in order to raise awareness that ‘yes, there are people out there… lots!’. So im VERY happy to see that someone has had the same idea and has been able to develop this system based on the Google Maps API. I can’t wait to add my future project to it!

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