Canada’s own Lithium-ion play: Holy Moli

Leave it to a U.S. magazine like Red Herring to draw my attention to a Canadian Lithium-ion developer. Maple Ridge, B.C.-based E-One Moli Energy has been around since 1977 — a spinoff, it appears, from a Lithium-ion research program at the University of British Columbia — but I bet few have heard of this 430-employee company. Not sure how Red Herring stumbled across it, but the magazine listed Moli Energy as one of its top private energy companies in North American for 2006. “E-One Moli Energy has developed high-powered lithium-ion batteries that it says are environmentally friendly and safer than competitors’,” the magazine states. “Milwaukee Electric Tools incorporated them into 28-volt tools last year, and the batteries could one day be used in hybrid vehicles.” The magazine also mentioned Moli Energy in an earlier article on Lithium-ion advancements alongside A123 Systems. If Web sites are any measure of potential (which, obviously, they’re not), Moli Energy needs a major online facelift. The company’s site looks quite amateurish.