Reading deeper into Ontario’s standard offer program

Just an FYI, here’s a link to a section of the Ontario Power Authority’s Web site that has details about the province’s newly announced standard offer program for small-scale renewable energy production. You can also subscribe to an e-mail service that will automatically alert you to program updates. Of note is the statement, “We expect all aspects of the Standard Offer Program to be in place by Fall 2006.”

One thought on “Reading deeper into Ontario’s standard offer program”

  1. Having read the SOP and then contacting my local utility I am still in the dark as to how they will be treating the delivery charges when approached by small generators joining the grid. Whereby my delivery charges equal nearly 50% of my hydro bill the addition of delivery charges BACK to my utility when I produce power will result in a reduction in payback of 12.5% or more (based on the .42/ KWH proposed).

    I am hoping that as further incentive to Green Producers the delivery charges will be eliminated in both directions further increasing the value per KWH.

    Another area of concern in the price model is the treatment of taxes. If my utility is purchasing power from me will I have to collect and remit taxes for amounts in excess of my usage from the grid?

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