EEStor has open house, shows off EV prototypes

Just when you thought you could get all your news from the mainstream press — ha! — a reader of Clean Break was kind enough to forward a PDF of a newsletter put out by the city of Cedar Park, Texas (Note: the city has since de-activated the link). Among the various local news flashes is a bit about Cedar Park startup EEStor Inc., which decided on March 25th to hold a five-hour open house to show off two prototypes of a Feel Good Car that runs off one of its super dooper ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems — which, it bears repeating, claim to have 10 times the energy density of lead acid batteries and none of the negative side effects, such as slow charge time, limited cycling and environmental nastiness.

Richard Weir, co-founder and president of EEStor, wouldn’t speak to me when I wrote an article about the company about a month ago. But here’s what the Cedar Park’s news flash managed to get:

“This is a very sophisticated electric car, with 250 to 300 miles of range,” Richard Weir, CEO, president and co-founder of EEStor said. “It’ll take a full electrical charge in about the time it takes to gas up a regular car. Just plug it up for a few minutes and you’re off.” Many auto manufacturers experimented with electric cars in the 1980s and 1990s but essentially abandoned the technology for hybrid or other alternative fuel systems due to their high cost of manufacture and maintenance. Weir believes EEStor has overcome those hurdles with their product. “This is just a preview of what’s to come. We have another major announcement for May. But seeing is believing!” he said.

May? Major announcement? Oh, the suspense is killing me. If anybody out there in Cedar Park, Texas, managed to drop by for the open house and see these little electric vehicles in action, let me know what you saw — and whether you believe. As mentioned before, Kleiner Perkins is behind them, so even if you find it difficult to believe it’s something you simply can’t ignore.

BTW: EEStor doesn’t have a Web site yet but Weir has registered — so it’s a matter of time before something appears.

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  1. Tyler: Feel Good cars is going back down to Texas next week to work with Eestor. Sounds like something is up.

  2. Scooped by GreenCarCongress – of course we are enjoying Easter and not working!

    It might be fun to keep quiet for a day and read the comments to the post – already they are making me smile from ear to ear.

    And don’t miss the new PHEV Vespa!

  3. Scoop? Not really. It was was from a Feel Good Car press release on Thursday, which didn’t say much new — other than the fact third-party verification of the EEStor tech will be done this summer. The press release was mostly to announce a new hire, backfilled by update on FCG Microcar progress, new plant in Montreal and a quick mention that EEStor is proceeding on schedule.

  4. Sorry about the duplicate – and of course, not really a scoop.

    It’s good to keep the coverage live and active though.

    Happy Easter all.

  5. Eestor and FGC got a mention in the Wall Street on Monday april 17, 2006.

    Here it is:

    Feel Good Cars Corp., based in Toronto, is co-funding a multimillion-dollar

    battery-development project that aims to increase the power of electric cars

    to the point where small versions could offer performance and driving range

    comparable to a small gasoline-powered car. It estimates the retail and

    commercial market for such cars could be as high as $150 billion annually

    once the right battery reaches mass production.

    The company, which has funding from MCL Capital Inc., Toronto, has an

    agreement with EEStor Inc. of Austin, Texas, that gives it exclusive rights

    to certain EEStor technology. According to filings by Feel Good Cars with

    the Canadian Securities Administrators, EEStor has received $3 million in

    funding from the Menlo Park, Calif., venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins

    Caufield & Byers, a founding investor in Google Inc., Inc. and

    Palm Inc.

    The partners have yet to build a mass-production version of their ultimate

    battery, but Feel Good Cars CEO Ian Clifford says that this year his company

    will start selling a car designed by French sailboat maker Beneteau Group

    with a limited battery, in terms of how far and fast the car will go on one

    charge. The Zenn, as the car is named, will be sold at as many as 50 U.S.

    dealers, Mr. Clifford says. It has four doors and looks like a standard


  6. How can a private investor find the NYSE symbol/listing? Have they gone forward with an IPO yet?

  7. Not sure I would want to invest in a big explosion. Maybe the silicon nano battery will prove safe.

  8. Tyler said:
    “May? Major announcement? Oh, the suspense is killing me. If anybody out there in Cedar Park, Texas, managed to drop by for the open house and see these little electric vehicles in action, let me know what you saw — and whether you believe.”

    I too can’t wait for the announcement in May. The suspense is killing everyone ! If anyone locates the production facility of EESTOR in Cedar Park, please let us know.
    WAIT A MINUTE, WE’VE BEEN SCAMMED, “This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2006 at 10:34 pm”. No major announcement, no ceramic battery, and no production facility.
    We should be fair to Dick Weir, he doesn’t say May of which year. It could be May of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, etc. :).

  9. Does anyone have an update on how the big unveiling of EEStor’s battery by Dick Weir went in 2009? I am surprised it wasn’t all over the national news.

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